Happy Hour

Monday-Friday 10:30 am – noon

$4.5 Four Winds IPA bottles

Monday-Friday 2:00 pm – close

$4.5 Four Winds IPA bottles

$5 (s)  $6.5(d) Vodka Slush

Daily Drink Specials

Recovery Monday

Caesars $5.5 (s) $7.5 (d)


Bellinis $6(s) $7.5(d)

Wine about Wednesday 

House Wine  $6(gls) $30(btl)

Thirsty Thursday 

Pints for the price of sleeves  $5.5


Pints $5.5

Wine Glass $6

Double Highballs 6.5


Beef Burgers     $15

Miso Mushroom Swiss

Beef patty, double swiss cheese, bacon, garlic + thyme sautéed mushrooms,butter lettuce, miso aioli


Gochugaru Beef patty, Oi Muchim cucumber, kimchi, cilantro + gochujang aioli

The Stinky Pete

Beef patty, garlic + thyme sautéed mushrooms, crumbled blue cheese, beer braised onions, butter lettuce, garlic mayo

Old School Cheese Burger

Beef patty, cheddar cheese, red onion, pickles, butter lettuce, tomato, ballpark aioli

Ring Of Fire

Beef patty, jack cheese, bacon, fried jalapenos, red onion, butter lettuce + jalapeno ranch

Braised Beef Dip

Slow braised beef, monterey jack cheese, horseradish aioli, beer braised onions + grilled ciabatta

Seafood Burgers     $16.5

The Louie

Beef patty, real crab, jack cheese, celery relish, red radish, butter lettuce, avocado, garlic aioli

Tuna Bacon Club

Rare seared albacore tuna, bacon, red onion relish, arugula + tarragon aioli

Chicken Burgers     $15


Fried chicken, curry cream, shaved white cabbage, corn relish

Italiano Chicken

Grilled rosemary chicken breast, mozzarella, pepper bacon, basil tomato, roast red pepper, arugula + tuscan aioli

Sriracha Chicken

Crispy fried Lemongrass chicken, siriacha honey glaze, jack cheese, cucumbers, red onion, lettuce + tomato + siriacha mayo

The “Mandy”

Grilled chicken breast, bacon, avocado, tomato, red onion, alfalfa sprouts, jalapeño ranch

Vegetarian Burgers     $15


Portobello, shitake, black bean + quinoa patty, red onion relish, cheddar cheese, lettuce, red onion + miso mayo (vegan patty)

Mesa Black Bean + Poblano

Black bean-pasilla pepper patty, avocado, red onion relish, crispy fried onions, butter lettuce, curry cream (vegan patty)

Plates     $17

Adobe Chili Chicken

Bone-in breast + wing, grilled + roasted on Spanish dirty rice, with stewed black beans + salsa verde

Ham Hock Ragu

Smoky slow braised pork ragout, casarecce pasta + hazelnut gremolata

BWAK Ramen Rice Bowl

Soy sauce egg, nori, cabbage, green onions, carrot, grilled corn, red radish, grilled protein + citrus ponzu sauce

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

Grilled chicken thigs marinated in sugar, mirin and soy, wakama, pickled ginger, green onions + unagi sauce

Hoke Poke Bowl

Salmon, green onion, chili, sesame, soy, avocado, wakame, tobiko, Aonori, pickled ginger, taro wonton crisps + steamed rice, kewpie mayo

Salads     $12

Hemp Heart Tabbouleh

Protein packed hemp hearts, red quinoa, cucumbers, heirloom cherry tomato, green onions, parsley + mint

Heritage Greens

Thinly sliced veggies, tomatoes, pea shoots, cucumber + white balsamic thyme vinaigrette

Feta + Kale

Purple + green kale, pumpkin & sunflower seeds feta + lemon garlic vinaigrette

Kale Caesar

Parmesan shavings, roasted garlic croutons + creamy garlic dressing

Grapefruit Sumac Salad

Radiccho, watercress + arugula with pink grapefruit, red onion, pistachio + sumac chili vinaigrette

Cobb Salad     $17

Gorgonzola, gem tomato, egg, bacon, avocado + creamy ranch dressing + YOUR CHOICE of grilled chicken, steak or salmon

Add Protein

Grilled chicken

Ribeye steak

Grilled prawns

Crispy tofu

Small Things After 3pm

Tuna Tatakki     $14

Togarashi crusted seared albacore tuna, edamame beans, nori, oroshi radish, citrus ponzu sauce + crispy fried wonton

Ceviche     $12

Sweet Spanish onion, mango, tomato, red pepper, serrano chili peppers, cilantro + lime, crispy fried taro and wonton

Mexican Calamari     $12

Buttermilk fried squid, chroizo, roasted corn, red onion, verde + lime yoghurt

BWAK Kara-age     $10

fried chicken tenders with lemon daikon dip

Chicken Wings     $10

Sriracha honey, black pepper sauce, habañero lime, dill pickle

Black Pepper Lettuce Wraps     $14

Black pepper sauce fried chicken, peanuts, green onion, crispy chow mein noodles

Fried Peperoncinis     $6

crispy fried pickled chili peppers + ranch yoghurt

Garlic Truffle Fries     $6

Fresh garlic, white truffle oil, chives, parmesan cheese

BWAK Potato Chips     $6

Dill pickle with ranch dip

Nachos     $15

Tomato, corn, onion, black beans, olives, pickled jalapeno, cheese, fresh radish, with verde, pico de gallo + sour cream

Add guacamole $3

Add braised beef $5