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all platters are priced per person | minimum 10

Fruit & Berry Platter     $6

Locally sourced seasonal fruit and berries

Seasonal Fruit Platter     $5

Locally sourced seasonal fruit

Cheese Board     $7

Assortment of domestic + imported cheeses with fresh fruit and crackers

Charcuterie     $7

Italian + European cured meats with pickled veggies

Crudité     $5

Fresh seasonal vegetables, locally sourced and served with home made dip

Grilled Vegetables     $5

Assorted local vegetables marinated + char-grilled, served with house made dip

Poppy-Parm Cheese Tarts     $5

Cheesy puff pastry twists with charred onion dip

Date, Olive + Almond Platter     $6

An assortment of dates, marinated olives and roasted + raw almonds served with Za’atar flat bread

Crispy Fried Chickpeas     $4

Crunchy fried chickpeas tossed in smoked paprika & cayenne, served family style

Hummus Dips     $5

Roasted garlic & preserved lemon hummus, roasted red pepper hummus and Za’atar, sumac + garlic hummus, served with pita bread and Lebanese flat bread

Antipasto     $7

Olive oil marinated artichoke hearts, orange + citrus marinated olives, lavender rosemary olives, pepperoncini peppers, Canadian prosciutto, chica picante, genoa salami, manchego + bocconcini, roasted almonds, dried fruits + tapenade

*assortments may vary depending on seasonal availability

Indian Chaat Platter     $8

Spinach + veggie pakora, crispy hollow pani puris, fried vegetarian somosa, papadoms crackers, pan fried Aloo Tikka, tandoori chicken skewers with chutneys + riata

West Coast Seafood Platter     $12

Ahi tuna poke, candied salmon, coconut steamed mussels, wine-garlic poached prawns, smoked mackerel, grilled lemons, smoked cocktail sauce + toasts

*Minimum order 20

*Assortments may vary depending on seasonal availability

BBQ Skewer Platter     $7

Chimmichurri chicken skewers, Jerk chicken skewers, Viet-sugar cured beef skewers + balsamic seasonal vegetables

*Minimum order 25

*Assortments may vary depending on seasonal availability

Tropical Seafood Platter     $9

Steamed mussels + clams with mango and chili, smoked tropical salmon with pineapple and orange + mango shrimp ceviche

*Minimum order 30

*assortments may vary depending on seasonal availability

Olive Oil Bread Bar    $7

An assortment of Vancouver Olive Oil Company’s extra virgin olive oils with rustic fresh bread.
White peach balsamic + Tuscan herb
Aged balsamic + Koroneiki
Pomegranate quince white balsamic + Persian lime

Boujee Board of Cheese    $8

Wedges of Danish Blue, onion ash crusted Chevre, Spanish Manchego, cave aged Asiago, Emmenthal Swiss

Bruschetta Bar    $8

Golden beet + manchego bruschetta, Greek cucumber feta bruschetta, pepper + parmesan bruschetta + classic tomato with house made crostini + toasts

Bruschetta + Salami Bar    $8

Italian cured meats, marinated olives, pickled veggies, golden beet + manchego bruschetta, Greek cucumber feta bruschetta, pepper + parmesan bruschetta, classic tomato + house made pesto with house made crostini + toasts

Pinwheel Pops    $8

Smoked salmon, dill + cream cheese | ham, swiss + Dijon | salami, red pepper + artichoke | curry chicken + butter lettuce | franks grilled chicken, blue cheese + arugula | black bean, salsa, sour cream + guacamole (V) | pesto, goat cheese, arugula + balsamic reduction (V) | Choose 4

Tea Sandwiches     $68 per 2 dz

English cucumber + dill cream cheese
Cucumber + watermelon radish sandwich
Sesame crusted chicken sandwich
Bacon, lettuce + tomato
Watercress + apple (open face)

*Minimum order 2 dozen per type of sandwich