The BWAK team is talented, fresh and very professional. From my experience, they go above and beyond to make the event a success and think of beautiful finishing touches, without being prompted. I am a micro-manager, so of course I chatted through what I wanted things to look like, and they are 100% on the same page, if not one step ahead. They have an eye for design and providing that finishing touch to each dish and to overall presentation of their food. They are on trend with menu selection and will share a tasting menu with you. Their food is amazing!
Personal Event: BWAK catered my wedding and I never had to step in to remind them of the schedule – which is literally the best situation you can have. They provided insight and suggestions to improve the menu and changed items based on feedback, after a tasting – no attitude or issue. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and usually worthy of being on a magazine cover (sorry, but sometimes that is important to people).
Corporate Event: BWAK catered and managed some event aspects of a logistically challenging long table dinner for an elite group of women athletes and Editors and Chefs from NYC, at the Museum of Anthropology at UBC. The event was outdoors, and the kitchen was a LONG walk from the long table that was on the top a hill – the service was perfectly timed and executed. To be honest, BWAK was the only part of the event that went off without a hitch. They were selected personally by Nike (the client) from a list of Vancouver caterers – says a lot!
Long story short, I will use them again and always recommend them to friends and clients looking for a talented catering company.

—Clay Dube