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Last Saturday was one of my good friends birthday. I was asked to make a few things for the big day. The party was set to be a brunch for about 20 friends and family. I decided to make Cinnamon French-Toast Bread pudding, Grilled Veggie Breakfast Wraps, and Salmon Dill individual Quiche.

I prepped everything the day before so it would be a simple morning with little to do. The party was for November 1st, the day after Halloween… Uh-OH. I figured I would have been feeling like garbage so figured I would get a jump on the prep to make my morning easier.

9:00 AM – I’m going to let you know how I made my Salmon Dill Quiche with a nasty Halloween Hangover.

I started with taking a side of fresh local Pacific Salmon, seasoning it with salt, pepper, lemon zest and a drizzle of really good olive oil. I baked it in a 325F oven for 15 mins. I baked it low and slow so I wouldn’t end up with the uggy white fat seeping out of the beautiful fish. While it was in the oven I prepared my muffin tins, using Phylo dough as my crust. Phylo dough is great because you use only a few sheets and it bakes up super crisp and golden. I placed 1 sheet of phylo on my work surface and spread melted butter with a pastry brush evenly. Then placed another sheet on top, pressing all the bubbles out working outward from the center. Then brush another layer of melted butter and place the third sheet on top. I then cut the Phylo into 12 squares roughly 4”x4”. Pressing them into the muffin tin with four fingers to make sure they go in evenly. You want to have just the very tips of the dough peaking out of the tin, or they will burn and be gross.

By this time the salmon is ready to come out of the oven. Set it aside to cool slightly before breaking it up. While that cools I get my egg mix together. I used free-range omega-3 eggs, I LOVE the golden color of the yolks. I mixed the eggs with heavy cream, a few sprinkles of dried tarragon and some caper juice.

By now the salmon is cool enough to handle. I roughly break it up leaving nice size chunks. I cut up a few green onions, mince some capers and lots of fresh dill.

I place a few chunks of salmon in the bottom of the phylo lined muffin tins, then some capers, green onions and lots of dill. Don’t forget to season each quiche with salt and pepper. Now just pour the egg mix into each tin. The oven should already be set to 325F, place the quiche in and let it go for 18 ish minutes. The combo of eggs and cream will make a nice little soufflé as the eggs set. Once you see they are nicely puffed and golden remove them and let cool for a few minutes before removing them to a wire rack to cool. You want to take them out of the tin to cool so the phylo stays crisp. Nothing worse than soggy pastry!

10:00 AM – By this time I have finished making the Bread Pudding and Grilled Veggie Breakfast Wraps and my hangover is beginning to set in, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stay at this brunch because I feel like 10 miles of BAD road!! I pull myself together and head out the door with everything. Get to my friends place where the brunch is hosted. Get everything set up, and it looks fantastic! Talk to a few of my friends explaining how I feel like death and make a stealthy exit. I COUNDN’T EVEN!!

I talked to the birthday girl and let her know about my situation. I was totally excused because she knew about the carnage the night before lol.

I went home to bed and died for a few hours.

2:00 PM – I come by the party a few hours later, feeling much better. Helped clean up and chatted with a few friends. Everyone loved the food and was super happy with everything. Phewwwww pulled this one together!!

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Egg Mix

8 Free rage Omega-3 eggs

3 cups whipping cream

1 tbs dried tarragon – rubbed

1 tbs caper juice

salt and pepper



1 side fresh sockeye salmon

3 green onions – sliced

1 bunch dill – rough chop

5 tbs capers – minced

1 zest of a lemon


Phylo Base

1 pack frozen phylo dough

½ cup butter – melted

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