We are a Vancouver-based catering company that provides a full range of catering services. We do everything from private dinners to canapé parties, corporate events to weddings- Boy With A Knife is equipped to handle it all!

  • Brandon Dac
    Brandon Dac Chef / Owner

    As one of Vancouver’s most eager culinary minds, Chef Brandon Dac is on his way to becoming one of the City’s best chefs. Since graduating with Honors from the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2009, Brandon has quickly worked his way up from a Sous Chef at one of Vancouver’s largest catering companies to Head Chef.

    Specializing in weddings, corporate events, private parties, and personal chef services, Brandon’s vast array of skills and talents have much of Vancouver’s crowd raving about him. Taking pride in his ability to design menus that fit every client’s wants and needs, Brandon’s creativity and passion for food has led him to develop great relationships with his clients who are always left with spectacular memories from each and every event he cooks or cater.

    With a love for Asian food, Brandon often introduces influences from different parts of Asia into his cooking, and always strives to keep up with the newest culinary trends while adding his own flair. As a self proclaimed foodie, Chef Brandon is always finding new inspirations to incorporate into his cooking and his every flourishing love and passion for food has set him on the fast track to culinary stardom.

  • Sean Fay
    Sean Fay Owner
  • Boy With A Knife, was much more than just a "caterer" for Leo's first party. Their team was lovely, professional, and warm. They were full of sincere smiles, were attentive and "on it" without being stuffy

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